The Phase II investigation is commissioned by the client during the installation of township services to confirm the findings of the Phase I shallow soil investigation. The simplified objective of this investigation is to:

  • Confirm and refine the residential site class designations in respect of each erf so that the necessary documentation required for the enrolment of individual houses with the Council can take place

The competent person should establish formal profiling procedures together with the person responsible for the installation of township services so that the available trenching is optimally utilised within the construction framework and programme for profiling purposes. The investigation should record detailed soil profiles at intervals guided by the standards, take additional soil samples for laboratory testing and undertake supplementary geotechnical investigations where and if deemed necessary.  The investigator should prepare a report, as an addendum to the Phase I report, which shall contain the following:

  • Drawing indicating the location of each point profiled in the service trenches
  • Records of all profiles and tests
  • Township layout drawing, which confirms the site class designations of each individual stand

The above is as for non-dolomitic land. Refer to SANS634:2012 for detailed requirements.