Numerous investigation methodologies exist and are project dependant. Investigation types or methodologies can vary from basic shallow soil investigations for township establishment purposes to detailed foundation specific investigations for water reservoirs, material investigations for roads, pipelines, earthworks, slope stability analysis for road cuts and open pit mines to name a few. The investigation methodology and minimum reporting requirements will be dependent on the objectives of the investigation and nature of the area investigated.

The following services are also provided:

  • Shallow soil investigation for late enrolment
  • Dolomite stability investigation for late enrolment
  • Brownfield housing investigation
  • Rural housing investigation
  • Shallow and deep foundation specific investigation
  • Pipeline planning and design-level investigation
  • Cemetery investigation
  • Borrow pit investigation
  • Rock and soil slope stability assessment and design
  • General earthwork design and quality control
  • General construction material investigation
  • Percolation testing for environmental and soak-away system design
  • Embankment assessment, investigation and slope optimisation
  • Municipal waste disposal slope assessment and optimisation

RockSoil Consult caters for most geotechnical investigations and involve independent specialist if the required services are deemed to fall outside the in-house expertise.