The professionals at RockSoil Consult will gladly provide proposals and cost estimations specific to your project needs.

Requests can be directed to:

Alternatively, you can contact Mr Herman Wessels directly at:

Information generally required to provide a realistic quotation include at least the following.

  • Site locality with site boundaries (a GoogleEarth .kmz or .kml file, GoogleEarth Image and/or site or site corner coordinate/s are preferred)
  • Size of the site
  • Development planned for the site or details of the investigation required
  • Level of investigation required for example Preliminary investigation, Phase 1 detailed investigation, design-level investigation. For guideline purposes refer to eh investigation types as provided in the website. RockSoil Consult will provide guidance if there is any uncertainty
  • Conceptual layouts or footprint areas of interest if available
  • Contact name, number and details

RockSoil Consult needs to emphasise the importance of a clear understanding of the project requirements. The team at RockSoil Consult is involved in numerous projects where the initial geotechnical investigation was not guided by the proposed development resulting in insufficient investigation depths and insufficient detail which ultimately has massive cost implications to the overall project cost and generally in unnecessary project delays.

In the geotechnical profession, the planner/client/engineer gets what he/she is willing to pay for. Although minimum guidelines are available for numerous investigation types, it is unfortunate to say that overall geotechnical investigations are conducted sub-standard generally due to poorly informed clients/engineers or budget constraints. Experience has proven that the more detailed the geotechnical investigation, the more confidence is in the geological model and design parameters which almost always result in significant design and overall project savings.

Clients are urged to always insist on a breakdown of quotations/proposals in order determine if the proposed tests and test quantities are deemed suitable for the purposes of the investigation. RockSoil Consult (Pty) Ltd. always clearly separate fees from disbursements and gives guidance on the test types and quantities deemed necessary for sufficient input.